Our Sustainability Policy
Sweet C’s ensures that it operates in a responsible and sustainable manner,
having regard to where it has a direct and indirect impact on its customers,
suppliers, service providers, local communities and the environment.

Sweet C’s will:
 strive for the highest environmental standards where practicable, to
minimise its environmental footprint;
 seek to maximise its social and community contribution to the
markets in which it operates;
 expect the highest standards from its suppliers;
 continue to ensure compliance with all applicable legal, food hygiene
and health and safety requirements with regards to its activities;
 ensure social, ethical and environmental responsibilities are
incorporated into all areas of its operations; and
 ensure it has a sound governance structure adopting, where
practicable, best practice commensurate with its activities.

The Company’s efforts are focused on three key areas:
Health, safety, wellbeing and social value
It is a management priority to minimise risks, ensure safety and promotion of
wellbeing to its staff and to make a positive impact on the planet with its
Sweet C’s is committed to open and transparent disclosure of its operational
performance and the wider impact of such performance on the environment,
the communities and the markets in which it operates.
Managing environmental impacts 
Sweet C’s seeks to minimise environmental impacts through proactive
management of energy, waste, water, materials use and associated carbon

Caroline Hill – October 2022
Our Sustainability Report
What we have been doing to implement our sustainability policy:
Health, safety, wellbeing and social value
Sweet C’s business ethos is driven by a desire to play its part in helping
promote an inclusive and equitable economy. Its key supplier and Sweet C’s
support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which provides a
blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet.
We therefore believe we have a responsibility to deliver social and
environmental performance either directly or through our suppliers alongside
delivering excellence in the chocolates we make.
In sourcing our chocolate from Luker Chocolate we have a partner that shares
the values we hold. We support The Chocolate Dream where our chocolate
purchases contribute to programmes that help enhance the quality of life of
farmers, provide education and protect biodiversity, water and the forest.
We deliver our own social value by working with organisations such as
Treloar’s, a charity enabling education for disabled young people. It provides
our labels from its print shop giving valuable work experience to its disabled

We have also partnered with The Grange at Bookham, a charity supporting
people with disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives. They have
supplied our Love Chocolate Mugs from their workshop.
We are now committed to publishing each year a report on the progress we
are making to further our sustainability policy.
Managing environmental impacts
We source our chocolate from Luker Chocolate, a company that we consider to
be a responsible supplier. In September 2021, Luker signed its commitment
with Race to Zero, a global UN campaign committed to achieving net-zero
carbon emissions by 2050. Its goal is to be net-zero in carbon emissions by
2030. As of 2021, Luker Chocolate is carbon neutral across all owned operations, including its farms. Furthermore, as part of these efforts, Luker
achieved a reduction of 52% in refrigerants CO2 emissions from 2020 to 2021,
due to modifications made to chocolate production equipment.
The next stage is for it to become carbon neutral with external suppliers by the
end of 2022 and to achieve full compensation through certified carbon bonds
resulting from it own farms carbon surplus.
We minimise our own environmental footprint by using packaging and labels
that are either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. All the packaging
used by our suppliers is either re-used by ourselves or recycled.
We have recently upgraded one of our vehicles to electric to ensure local
deliveries can be made in an environmentally friendly way.